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The Printing Press Reached Malta in 1642

Old printing press

Pompeo de Fiore, a Sicilian, introduced the first printing press to Malta in 1642. De Fiore was not a printer himself, but was the owner of several properties; and also provided the Order with its intake of fresh bread from his bakery at Old Bakery Street in Valletta, which was bombed during WWII.

Read more about the story of printing in Malta here: https://vassallohistory.wordpress.com/printing-in-malta/

Printing was actually invented by the Chinese, not Johannes Gutenberg

We all know that Gutenberg invented the printing press but he didn’t invent printing. Over 500 years before Gutenberg was able to mass produce books with his revolutionary machine, Chinese monks were using wooden blocks dipped in ink and pressing them on parchment to create text.

The Chinese also invented business cards

Business cards are one of the print industry’s most common products. In the 1400s, the Chinese began using their version of a business card. These cards were not used for commercial purposes so were seen as calling cards, used to announce a meeting with another person.

Paper production is actually good for the environment

Over its life cycle, paper provides environmental, social and economic benefits while protecting and maintaining public health, welfare and the environment. This means that paper is one of only a few truly sustainable products in the world.

Print is an effective advertising medium

A study by TRU, a division of TNS Research Global, entitled “Millennial Paper Usage and Attitudes” found that compared to digital, print advertising was seen as official, trustworthy and secure.

World’s Smallest Printed Book

World's Smallest Printed Book

A 22 page Japanese book containing pictures of the flowers of the four seasons holds a Guinness World Book of Records entry. It may be a fast read, but we don’t advise you doing so without a magnifying glass–unless you want to strain your eyes–because this is no ordinary book; it’s the world’s smallest printed book, 0.74 x 0.75 mm (0.0291 x 0.0295 in).

The Incredible Hulk is green due to Printing Difficulties

In the debut of Stan Lee’s comic book series “The Incredible Hulk,” Lee gave the Hulk a gray skin color to purposely disassociate the monster with any particular ethnic group. However, there were problems with the gray coloring, which resulted in a different-hued Hulk in each copy. Some of copies were green and, when Lee saw them, he decided that green suited the Hulk better than gray.

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Benjamin Franklin, John Dunlap and the Wright Brothers were all printers by trade!

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The dot over the letter “i” is called a tittle!

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